Monday, 28 July 2014

It has been........Far too long!

Viewpoint at the back of Largs.
We have had some great weather!

Time is in short supply these days and
blogging is practically non existant.
So I think from now on it may be more and more infrequent.

However thought I'd share a few pics 
from things that have been happening......

Met up with Daisy and John at Wool on the wall.

My niece Martha had her 2nd birthday(well one of) party at ours.

Fun helping friends in Lochwinnoch 
clear their bracken jungle.

Another great day!

Out for brekkie.....such fun!

and lots of work.....
Slowly moving my shop to Etsy so lots of new
things to dye and packs to make with the help
of Vicky and Rita.

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