Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Thanks Deena...

Thanks Deena for this award. I will admit now to being the worlds worst with these things. I am rubbish at choosing who to send them on to and that really is hard! But in the spirit of this I'm making extra effort today. The idea is that you share 10 things about yourself and pass it on .........Denna is one of my DT friends at Crafty Creations and thinks it will be a good way of finding out some new things about the rest of her team...
So here Goes

1/ I moved in with my now husband after dating him for 2 weeks( if my daughter does this I will be horrified!)

2/ I have been with Reuben for 17 years - married for 13 years and we laugh every day!

3/ My three children - Jacob, Caleb and Hope drive me insane but I love them dearly - would like them all to sleep better

4/My Maiden name is Komiski and we came to the U.K.(a very long time ago) as part of a wedding dowery

5/I always hope to be as supportive with my own children as my Mum and Dad have been to me

6/At school my best subject was Maths!

7/ But my most influencial teacher was my Art teacher - Meg Telfer - painter

8/ I drive a blue PT cruiser with Photographic flowers (tastefully!) all over it

9/ I am petrified of the dentist - but am quite brave in front of the kids(least I think I am)!

10/My all time favourite food is Spare ribs! Hasn't changed since I was a kid......

Now as to passing it on - I am doing this in the understanding that I will not be upset if anyone isn't an award person(I'm a bit like that myself) but I have put thought into the few people this allows me to share it with(many of you may already have it) but here goes....

Keryn - My first follower and her cards are fab aswell!
Saskia - A great help to me in blogland - Creativity abound (I know she has it but couldn't be missed out)
Liz - Such a huge encouragement and doesn't live too far from me...also does Vintage superbly!
Rose - A friend whom is just soooo creative
Cheryl - this lady had a special birthday this week! So kind and so clever!
Stef - Who makes me laugh alot...keep that enthusiasm going and keep doodling!
Sylvia-Anne - Oh so lovely cards - and full of good advice!

and because lets face it this is all about the creative youngsters also - I would like to give it to the three Fantastic Junior DT members that we have at C.R.A.F.T. - I am amazed every week by the standard of their work - they should be so proud of themselves!


Way to go girls!


  1. Hello Claire,

    Thabks for the lovely award!! Just know you a little bit better now! ;)

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)

  2. Oh thanks Claire for this, it was a complete shock when reading your post! lol

    I loved your 10 things!

    Keryn x

  3. oh bless you hun for thinking of me that is so kind of you hugs cheryl xxxxx

  4. Aww you little BEAUTY ha ha i am killing myself at yoyr ummm revelations! Love ya lots love a bit of good Humour and Ive caught you now! I will be looking all over Largs for the flowery flowery banger (Tounge in cheek!) when I am next in bonnie LARGS
    Thanks Claire your a star!
    Liz xx

    Liz x

  5. Claire, I'm so happy you played along, I know it's not always easy! I loved reading your 10 facts and getting to know you just that little bit more!! HUGS!

  6. Thanks Claire for thinking of me, I enjoyed reading about you too!

    Love,Rose xx

  7. Hi Claire
    Thanks so much for this Award, I really appreciate you thinking about me. I hadn't noticed my name so thanks for sending me the message! I am not very good with Awards, and it will be a real struggle to think of anything interesting about myself! Will try my best!
    Lots of love, Sylvia xxx