Monday, 18 July 2011

Trying to work it out - please read!

Dear All,

Just a wee note to assure anyone that has received a fraudulent e-mail about me being mugged on holiday it's untrue. Sorry for any inconvenience, upset this has caused you.

I will be offline for a while while this gets sorted - just accessing through my brothers computer at the moment.
My big pain is that the virus has deleted my address book and until its sorted I don't want to e-mail anyone really incase this causes yet another problem. So please bear with me - Crafty Creations girls I may need some help as I am supposed to be setting the challenge post this week and doubt it will be sorted in time. I am happy to continue sponsoring and have a Stamp Doodles rubber stamp as a!

I will add another post here once its all sorted and I have a new e-mail address.

Cheers Claire x


  1. Hi Claire, I just got this and was about to give you a ring as when I thought about it after the initial shock/horror I realised it was probably a scam.
    So sorry you've been hacked and hope you manage to get it sorted out.
    Sending hugs, Fliss xx

  2. Oh Claire, I've just opened my eamils this morning and there you were, my heart jumped when I read it. So glad you are safe and well.
    Suzi x

  3. Hi, Claire. I'm so happy it's not true! Actually I suspected it was a fraud but you know... I didn't know what to do, thank you for informing us, hugs, Miria

  4. Claire, hi and yes i have had it too, didn't read it and is in the bin! Take care. Ruby x

  5. I was just coming to let you know that it seems your email has been hacked but you already know about it. Damn them for trying it on, but Google mail warned me that it was probably a hacker. Hope you get your account back soon :)

  6. Just got this too but realised as you'd been to Somerset recently you were unlikely to be in Spain and it was probably a scam so deleted it immediately. You have to be so careful don't you.
    Hope everyone is well and you have not got too much rain in your part of the world.
    Hugs Lisax

  7. I was wondering when Somerset had moved to Spain!

    Am most relieved that you are all well.

    Hope you get to the bottom of this scam, it just goes to show doesnt it. Still, no harm done :)

    Keep well!
    Keryn x

  8. Hi Claire - I was just about to phone you as I also received this email message this morning. I knew immediately that it was a scam as a friend of ours was targeted in exactly the same way a few months ago, and her cousin fell for it, and sent £200.
    Hope you had a good holiday in Somerset.
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  9. Ufff, Claire, I'm happy that's only a scam and 'your' mail is untrue. I'm happy that you you're well!
    Hugs & kisses,

  10. Suspected it was a scam but was watching your blog just in case - glad you're fine and well :o)

  11. Hi Claire, yes I did and they were very naughty as they are using your email address, I hope youve managed to change it now. hugs Shirleyx

  12. I had another friend hit with the same scam!
    Glad you are okay though :)

  13. Yeah, saw that on our group email. I knew you were okay because you said so before. Hugs, Peggyxo

  14. Hi Claire

    What a drag, I am booting you off the yahoo group for now. Don't want this hacker in there. We will add you back as soon as you get a new email.

    xoxo Marjo OSAAT

  15. Hi Claire,

    I got 4 of these mails, and I thougt is was fraude ...and ofcourse, glad your fine !!!


  16. Hi Claire glad to hear this didn't happen, I had 2 emails this morning saying this. I hope you get it sorted out soon hugs maxine x

  17. Hi Claire,

    I've had 2 of these emails too, but didn't see them until after I'd read your blog post saying it wasn't true.

    So glad it's not true though, and glad that you're ok!

    Hope you get this sorted out soon, what a pain for you!

    Love, Rose xx

  18. Hi Clare

    I was fairly certain it was a scam but sent you a separate email just to check. Got one from Reuben as well by the way.

    Glad to know you are safe and well.

    Donna x

  19. You know I would have been here for ya sweetie haha...but I sorta knew better...give me a shout when you are in the clear..I just had a major malware attack on mine, don't even want to tell you what it cost to get back on line, sheesh, I'm in the wrong business haha...

    can't wait to talk to ya
    good luck

  20. No worries Claire, thanks for the update and hope you get it all sorted soon. I know how frustrating it must be! I will post the challenge. Hugs,Deena