Sunday, 28 August 2011

Graffiti Mural at Kelburn castle Largs...should it be kept?

I was surprised to see on Yahoo news
photo's of our local castle in Largs
Kelburn Castle!

I think its a shame that alongside the story
the photo is of a barely started mural.
It is amazing!!!!

They were only given permission
to keep the mural for 3 years
but I for one would be sad to see
it removed!

It was created by a group
of Brazillian Graffiti artists
in 2007.

The details are fabulous!

I loved the octopus girl so much
I encorporated her in a mural I
did in Hope's bedroom.

It's just sooooo very clever.

And so well executed.

By talented creative people.

With extraordinary imaginations.

Well thats my thoughts on the subject!


  1. Oh that is fabulous love that painting it really brightens up that side of the building. hugs Shirleyxx

  2. Really lovely mural, so bright and colourful and cleverly done!

    Rose xx

  3. Hi Claire, I only saw this on the news yesterday, fantastic talent here! It's so different and eyecatching to see these beautiful colours on a castle. Brilliant and very encouraging in a good way. Ruby x