Monday, 18 June 2012

An update on Caleb!

Some of you know my middle child Caleb has been unwell for a wee while and to be frank its been a long list of lost notes and cancelled appointments and major frustration for him and us. We finally saw the surgical team at Yorkhill today - the children's hospital in Glasgow. He is going in at 7.30a.m. tomorrow for a little exploritory op so hopefully we will have more idea soon of what can be done to help. I don't think that it will stop me from making cards but if I am not around much......I'll be back. xx So glad they are just getting on with it and not giving us too much time to think!


  1. Hi Claire, glad that things are happening for you now and hope that it all goes ok.

    Love, Rose xx

  2. I will be thinking about you all tomorrow, Claire. I hope it all goes well.
    Take Care
    Hugs Liasx

  3. Wish you all the best for tomorrow.


  4. Big Hugs claire I really hope it all goes okay for Caleb xx