Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where does the time go when you are in the

Well I have been still making felt for a very exciting project...
the piece above was a bit too hairy for what was needed 
and the piece below I love but not quite what is needed either.

Piece below just right, a lovely
mix of merino, grey shetland and silk.

Dying sari ribbon which is such a great product.
It's made from strips of recycled silk sari's which are then knotted
or stitched together to give continuous lengths.

I just love the vintage colours and effects 
you are able get with
acid dying them.

Dying thick and thin yarns.....
even tried some softer pastel colours here.

I probably love making the creativity packs the most.
Colour co-ordinated little packs of fun.

It's just as good as working in a sweetie shop
with all the fabulous colours.

Been at home all week with the kids as we have all
had a flu like's miserable!
Roll on spring!


  1. Hi Claire, hope you all feel better soon. I love your latest makes, it's so colourful and bright, look forward to seeing your very exciting project too!

    Love, Rose xx

  2. Gorgeous colours Claire - love the silk ribbons.
    I hope you and the family are feeling much better now, and I hope Caleb is doing well.
    Hugs, Sylvia xx