Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Playing with colour....

Lots of playing with colour this week.
Alas the weather hadn't been good enough to dry
dying outside on my washing line,
so it's back to the radiators.

But the sun did show an appearance for me to photograph
the large silk squares I had dyed.....


  1. What a fabulous array of colours Claire, I am so enjoying seeing all your fabrics and fibres.

    I might need to take your hint on the rubber gloves, when I went for a blood test last week complete with blue fingers, despite two showers, the nurse gave me the oddest look and in the end couldn't resist asking what it was - Dylusions of course.

    B x

  2. At least the sun made an appearance to show off all those lovely colours, Claire. Your house must be such a riot of colour.
    Hope you are keeping warm in this return to Winter.
    hugs Lisax

  3. What glorious colours Claire - your blog is a patchwork of eye-candy! Good luck with the Craft show at Cardwell on the 24th. I just popped over to see your Folksy page too - the felt packs look amazing.

    Thanks for your messages - we had a very relaxing holiday and hot weather. What a shock to come back to the snow!
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx
    PS: Love little Hope in her "bug" outfit, and the boys look brilliant in their costumes too!