Sunday, 21 April 2013

Interesting and busy week! Lots of ribbons.....some lovely felt.

This week started with stay overnight at Yorkhill Hospital
with Caleb. He is fine but they wanted to try a change
in his medication and keep an eye on him.

It was a couple of long days and a very long night.....
Caleb coped well although he did wake me up several times to ask
if I could go sleep somewhere else!
Apparently I snore - sure I don't know what he means!

Anyway I kept myself busy 
much to the nurses and doctors amusement cutting ribbons.

Caleb was well occupied with an x-box
and loads of great toys on the play room.

Then on Friday I had a lovely afternoon with a lovely
girl called Shauna from Largs Academy.
She was given two felt making classes as a gift at Christmas
and this was the first chance we both had to meet up.

She created two pieces of wet felt 
a rather striking pink piece
and this wonderful purple piece below
with loads of interest from mohair and silk.

Hopefully will be back next week with what Shauna creates with her felt!


  1. wow! Very nice ribbons! I love them so much!

  2. Hi Claire - thanks so much for your comment today. I'm sorry to hear that Caleb is still having problems, but it sounds as if the experts have made positive progress at last.
    Sending big hugs - Sylvia xxx

  3. Hi Claire, glad that Caleb is doing ok on his new medication, hope it continues that way.
    Your ribbons look gorgeous, I love the colours, and Shaunna's felt is lovely too, as is the badger in your last post!
    Your friend's new puppy sounds lovely, I've never heard of a Scrufty!
    Love, Rose xx

  4. I do hope Caleb is OK now Claire. Gave me a smile with you cutting ribbons, but what else would one do, rather like me spending evenings curling flower leaves - all normal activity I thought ?

    B x