Sunday, 14 July 2013

Some holiday photo's - we had a ball!

Dino world was great fun a small garden centre experience
with amazing staff.

Hope managed to fit in some tree hugging at 
Cream of Galloway.

A first Donkey ride at
Mabie Farm park.

Yep Caleb was got by one of the dino's.

Paddling at Rockcliff

Karts at Mabie farm park
right up Jacob's street.

As was chocolate creations
at the cocoa bean factory.

The mill at Dunmuck was perfect
and the weather glorious!


  1. Lovely photos Claire, glad you had a good time, looks like the weather was perfect too, it's been gorgeous here!

    Love, Rose xx

  2. So pleased you and your family had a great time Claire - the photos are fab.! It seems like a perfect place to go on holiday with the children - so many fun things to do. Must say, I quite fancy an hour or two at the cocoa bean factory myself!!
    Hugs, Sylvia xx