Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lampworking....oh my!

I spent a truly wonderful day on Friday on
a lampworking course in West Kilbride
( I have linked to her flickr pics)

I cannot express the wonder of molten glass
it was quite spellbinding.
My efforts were indeed somewhat wobbly but I just had so much fun!


  1. Hi Claire oh those beads are just stunning, I love the colours and the scrolls and swirls on them. Love your family photo to, they are very handsome and beautiful. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  2. OMWord Claire - is there anything you cannot do in the world of crafting - you are sooooooo talented! I love lamp-work beads, and these are stunning - what a wonderful class that must have been!
    The photos of the children are beautiful - I remember the one with Hope aged 2, and can hardly believe how quickly the years have gone by since then.
    Have a lovely weekend - hugs, Sylvia xxx