Monday, 25 November 2013

Lovely Mulberry bark...half price offers!

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Sadly my supply is coming to an end.
So if you fancy trying some.....grab some quick.

Have you ever played with mulberry bark? It has a texture and feel similar to raw silks. Surprising? Not if you happen to know that silk worms live off of eating mulberry leaves. Because of this silk-like texture, mulberry fibres are great for incorporating in  multi-media artwork and creative textiles.
Until recently mulberry bark was only available in its unprocessed state for sale to paper makers. The processed bark looks like a mesh of criss crossed threads.
There are many ways to play with the bark. You can cut up the fibre and stitch or glue it to your artwork. Funky threads and ribbons can be woven through the fibre.
More three dimensional shapes and thinner, wispy layers can be created with the bark. Soak the bark in water for a few minutes to soften the fibres. While wet, the fibres can be separated into thinner layers, distressed through stretching, ripped into smaller strips, or  pressed onto moulds.

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  1. Oh wow Claire love your colours and those into alter art it will be just fabulous for their layers. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx Hope the family and yourself are well.