Thursday, 8 May 2014

Custom blends......just sooooo excited !

Antique 1 (Rita's favourite)
bfl/soyabean/flax and merino

How excited were Vicky and Rita and I yesterday
as our custom blends arrived at last!


We did track the poor delivery van man "Chris"
round Largs for 10 of his deliveries before us.

Yes he did look slightly concerned when we told 
him we'd been keeping a close eye on him.

But the wait was oh so worth it.....
My favourite above is Pebble peace.
It's tussah silk/flax/baby alpaca and merino.......

Forest Woodland

Heather(with wonderful added linen texture)

Pebble marl feels amazing with Gotland in the mix....

 can't wait to start felting!

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