Sunday, 8 June 2014

New Additions to family...Dotty and Dora

Meet Dotty and Dora!

Hope was desperate for rabbits for her birthday
(she is 7 on Wednesday.....eeeek)
and she wanted to adopt from the SSPCA.

Dotty and Dora have settled
in really well, we couldn't have wished for 
a better natured pair.

As you can see Hope is really enjoying their company,
she just climbs in the run with them!


  1. They are adorable. Happy Birthday to Hope for Wednesday!

  2. Oh - how sweet Dotty and Dora are - Hope looks very happy with her new furry friends! Have a very happy Birthday on Wednesday Hope - Sylvia xx

  3. The are adorable Claire, their fut looks like velvet. Happy Birthday week Hope.

    B x

  4. Happy Birthday to Hope. She is growing into a very beautiful young lady. Love Dotty and Dora, what great names. They'll have a very happy life with you all I know.
    Hugs Lisax