Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Another couple of projects that I have on the go at the moment. I am working on a set of storage jars for my kitchen. We are lucky enough to have a ceramic painting studio locally. I am really enjoying my evening spent there doing something a bit different. I have also worked in the studio a couple of days and have found that great fun and very interesting. There is a good mix of adults and children that come to Dip'n'Doodle and everyone seems to enjoy it!

Another project I am working on is a tea towel fundraiser for Largs Pre-School. Both my boys have gone there for nursery and I am a big fan! I have been in nursery two days having alot of fun with the children painting hands and the teachers fingers. So far it seems to have been recieved well and the orders have been good(all profits to nursery). It will seem strange after being there daily for the last 4 years to take a year out - Hope won't be old enough to start until 2010. I am a big fan of voluntary nurseries and I firmly believe ours is wonderful!

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