Monday, 3 August 2009

Surprise no 5......

Surprise no. 5 was to be an award - which was lovely to recieve....

The Circle of friends award- which I do think is a lovely idea
from Laura
who is a very creative crafter - go have a look!
But the since coming back from my holiday I have also recieved some more

this award I have recieved from Maxine and Suzi thanks girls - its so lovely to have you all think of me and I enjoy visiting all your blogs just wish I had more time to visit even more.....

The rules are to list 5 things you love to do and then pass on to 10 blogs.....

The 5 things I love to do are

1/ Spend time with my wonderful children (even when they drive me nuts), my folks and my husband(he never drives me nuts - honestly)

2/Draw and make just about anything

3/ go for coffee with friends - why do you think I am a SAHM

4/have friends and their children over - my house is always busy

5/I love Maths....any maths based puzzles - but I am sure my brain is not as good as it once was!

I would like to pass this award (choose one you like) onto


2/ Liz

3/ Saskia




7/ Sylvia-Anne




Sorry if you have it already - have a hug instead! Pssst I don't expect anyone to follow the rules- I am a bit of a rule breaker me - but since I was on a lucky streak....thought I'd better behave!


  1. Wow Claire! Congratulations on your latest Awards - you really do deserve them all.
    I was thrilled to bits when I saw my name on your list of recipients. Thank you so much. I shall take the one with the ladies on, not just because of the sentiment behind it, but I also love the picture!! This is how I would like to look on holiday - long strappy dress and huge sun hat- if only I had more confidence and a little less cellulite!! Thank you once again Claire.
    Lots of hugs, Sylvia xxxx

  2. Claire Thank you ever so much, I am really pleased to know you and your really clever work and original doodling too. I am as you know one of your biggest fans! Good luck with your new blog and with your new DT positions too over all have fun enjoy your crafting
    Liz xx

  3. Hi Claire, thanks so much for the award, I too was thrilled to see my name on your list. I'll take the ladies one too, as I haven't got that one, and I've just taken the other one from Cheryl! Thanks again, love Rose xxxx

  4. Hi Claire,

    Thanks so much for the award !!!
    And I can choose one ...I like the ladies,I just love that picture !!!

    Thank you once again !!



  5. hi hun thanks for this I already have these but will add your name to them bless you heart for thinking of my hun great minds think alike well yours anyway love cheryl xxxxxxxxx

  6. oh claire! i am soooo happy to be included in your circle of friends and i do already have it. however, i will add your name to it AND accept that fabulous hug graciously!

    thank you sooo much.

    big hugs,

  7. Thanks Claire, I'll pop it on my blog soon. Thanks for thinking of me.
    Julie x

  8. Oh Claire what a lovely surprise! Thanks so much for thinking of me, Im really tickled!! Ive been away from blog for a little while so I'll catch up with myself and then post it but thank you again!
    I do love the circle of friends best, the sentiment is lovely and as much as I'd look like a wind-sock if I wore a long sundress - I would love to be able to do it!! lol
    Keryn x

  9. Hello Claire,

    Wow... thanks for the lovely award!!! I'm really happy to know you!! :)

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)