Saturday, 1 August 2009

Surprise No2.....brown parcel....

When I came in my front door, sitting on my bookcase was a mysterious brown parcel !

As you can imagine - I wasn't much help to Reuben who was by now unpacking the huge amount of things you need to go away on holiday with 3 small children!

No - I was too busy opening said package.....


I won the "Summer " theme competition over at Jasmine Crafts.

I had bought my "My Minds Eye" range from Sam as she was doing 25% off - too good a bargain to be missed. So I sent her a photo of one of the cards I had made with my goodies - she asked if It was an entry for her Summer competition and thats how it all came about....

I am thrilled with the range of Dovecraft fantasy products and a lovely olive Stayzon-

thanks Sam!


  1. Oh lucky girl! So you are back from your hols! It doesnt seem a week ago or is that just me showing my age?! Dont answer Claire!! Well done on your wondeful win, enjoy it all!
    Keryn x

  2. What a wonderful prize, well done and enjoy!

    Rose xx