Monday, 13 June 2011

Hope turns 4 ....a few photos to share

I can't believe my smallest
Hope turned 4 on Saturday.
So its been a weekend of fun
and lots of girly things......
she is very unlike her Mum that way.

We had a great girls day at the Bear Factory
on Friday with her best friends
Poppy and Esther.
Then off to Dobbies for lunch -
it really was a lovely day.

Followed with a great family
Bar-b-que on Saturday - can't
be beaten!
Just a few photo's to share.....


  1. Awwww Happy Bithday to Hope!!
    V. Jealous.. I love the bear factory hehe xx

  2. Happy Birthday Hope! I can't believe she is 4 years old Claire - she was just a wee little thing when we first "met" on Trimland. Hubby and I took our 8 year old granddaughter to the Build a Bear workshop for her birthday in February - I think I was just as amazed and enthralled as she was - it's amazing!

    Have a wonderful week - hugs, Sylvia xxxx

  3. Awe, that was a wonderful day, I wouldn't mind a trip to the bear factory even at my age, glad you all had a lovely time,

  4. Awww, Claire, Hope is a sweetie and Poppy and Esther as well! A fantastic trio , thank you for sharing, hugs, Miria xx

  5. I'm so glad Hope had a lovely Birthday, Claire. They grow so fast don't they. It looks like she had a great time buidling her bear. This is a new one for me, they weren't about when Freya was small alhough I'm sure she'd still love it. Trouble is if we have any more cuddly toys there won't be room in bed for her.
    The photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.
    Hugs Lisax

  6. happy belated Birthday to Hope!! Looks like it was a fun weekend. :)

  7. oh hun how time flies remember when we were on trimmie,like slyvia said they are such beautiful photos,hun,bless her heart looks like they had a great time hugs cherylxxxx

  8. Great pics !!!
    Love the one with her bear :))