Sunday, 23 December 2012

How Lovely.....

Had to share it with you.
My Christmas card from Hope she did all by herself
- I was banished to the studio!

I love the fact it has 7 cheery!
Oooops I've been put right they are actually snowflakes...
should have known really! doh!

How about that for a 5 year old. Xx


  1. Oh Claire that card is just stunning and so precious, our children grow so fast and before you know it they have children of their own, and then again those children start bringing you Great grandchildren which is going to happen to me next March, so pop it away for special moments in the future, they are gorgeous. I also want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. hugs Shirleyxxx

  2. Gorgeous card from Hope Claire, one to treasure forever!

    Rose x

  3. Hello Claire!

    I've been away too long here! But it's great to come back! :)
    Lovely to see all your art-work and your great family! I wish you all good luck, lots of love, lots of creativity!

    Sweet greetings from Belgium, Saskia & family xxx