Sunday, 24 February 2013

New toy and some history!

Many of you know that I studied textile design
at Glasgow school of Art.
While at G.S.A I was lucky enough to 
spend a stint at Huddersfield
working on their flat bed felting machines,
which stood me in great stead for on graduation
going to work at Tait and Style.

Tait and Style allowed me some amazing experience
and I am very gratetful to Ingrid Tait for that.
Ingrid seems to mostly work in Knitwear now....we all change and adapt.

While with them I worked with fashion designers
such as Paul Smith and Marite and Francois Girbaud.
So working with them was really my background for 
creating fabrics using a flat bed felting machine.

20+ years on
My new!

bought from Create and Craft on a
half price deal.
Its like a tiny version of that flat bed felting machine
I worked on many moons ago....

I used one of my standard needle felting packs

And had a good old play!

It really was fun!

These were done in about 20 mins.

I love the idea of creating
my own tartans!

And this was what was left after making these bits from my pack!
Lots more to play with!

Such fun......


  1. These look wonderful Claire, I'm glad that you're enjoying the machine, it's good fun isn't it, and surprising how far a little bit of fibre goes, I'll be sharing some of my creations soon!

    Rose x

  2. I was mesmerized when they were showcasing this felting machine on C&C TV. You must be over the moon with your new toy! Love what you have made with it so far. Brilliant! xx

  3. Looks like you are having fun with your new machine. Such lovely creations.