Monday, 18 February 2013

Sari ribbon drying in the sun...

Such a lovely sunny day in Largs
I managing to get my dying outside
to dry...a rare treat!

Some new colours of Sari ribbon
and some lovely over dyed  Gotland.
Gotland is a lovely curly wool 
that varies from a silver grey to black....
perfect for a touch of colour!


  1. These all look so beautiful Claire and lucky you to have drying outside too (it's sunny down here but freezing cold!)
    Congratulations on your news in the last post too. Very exciting so well done!
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  2. These look beautiful. It's wonderful to see the sun!

  3. These are lovely Claire, such lovely bright colours and I like the look of the Gotland wool :-)

    It's been a nice sunny day here too today, but very cold.

    Rose xx

  4. Hi Claire I dont envy your clearing up I bet you had lots of mess and colours everywhere, real strong colour choice to. hugs Shirleyxxxx