Sunday, 3 March 2013

Introducing........Select Sunday no.1 Suzanne Martin

 I am soooooo amazed by  the wonderful creations
that crafts people share with me.
I have decided to start doing a regular post - Select Sunday.

This is not my work but I think it should be shared

This will be different people that use my hand dyed fibres
and fabrics and what they create with them.

Select Sunday no 1  - Suzanne Martin

A before and after of this wonderful vibrant wet felted piece
by Suzanne Martin.

Suzanne and I have known one another a long time
(right back to school days)
And she is still local enough that she can come by the studio
and hand pick her own fibres to create her wonderful pieces.

So far Suzanne isn't on Folksy 
but I don't think it will be long!

She can be reached at

Another piece by Suzanne combining some embroidery!

Pop by next Sunday to see another talented crafts person.

It goes without saying if you have used something of my hand dyed
fibres to create with I'd love to see it.
It gives me a huge buzz when I get contact with the crafts people I supply.


  1. Works of art! Absolutely amazing! xx

  2. Suzanne's work is really gorgeous Claire, I love the bright colours and all the flowers, and those houses are so cute!

    Rose xx

  3. Really beautiful pieces, Suzanne's is very talented.

  4. Thanks sharing Suzanne's pieces of artwork Claire, the colours and textures are fabulous.

    B x