Monday, 12 August 2013

Playing...... I just love it!

Wensleydale pebbles.

I set myself the challenge of creating my own nepps.
For those none the wiser....
Nepps are tiny bits of compacted/felted wool 
that add great texture
to yarns and  felt.

In my experimentation I have come up so far with pebbles
which I just love to bits!

Bfl pebbles.....great to dye....I'm thinking jewellery?


  1. Oh wow Claire, from a distance I really thought they were pebbles! I can see you've enjoyed some fab family time, won't be long till they're back to school! Have a great evening. Ruby x

  2. Just back from my hols so popping in to say hello and look what you've been up to. Catch you again as soon as the dreaded washing is done.

    B x