Sunday, 4 August 2013

Preparing a felting this is fun!

Main ingredient beautiful merino x fleece
bought at Woolfest this year.

The same merino scoured (cleaned and degreased)
 and dyed, I use acid dyes which are rinsed in metipex
to remove excess dye and then rinsed in conditioner.

My carding space in the studio.
I use an Ashford wild carder 
( I bought mine from Wingham Wool works)
You can of course use hand carders .

I card the merino x once to produce a rough batt.
( It can be seen to left of carder)
Then I chose my additions

This one has dyed tussah silk tops, bamboo,
silk noil and felt snipps.

Felt snips are pieces of my hand dyed merino pre-felt
that I sort into colour collections and snip into little bits.

I combine the additions in layers between 
my hand dyed Merino.

So the second carding look like the above.
Apologies for photo my camera doesn't like being inside.

Then I split it into sections and card it for the third time.
I like to keep it to 3 times so it retains as much texture as possible.

Similar felting bats can be made using my felting packs


  1. This looks gorgeous Claire, interesting to see how you do it and the finished result looks lovely!

    Rose xx

  2. Oh wow Claire that is just stunning I wasnt aware that was how you got all those bits in with the wool, and I love the colour. hugs Shirleyxxx