Thursday, 19 September 2013

Every radiator and the bath!

Beautiful big wigs angora dyed and drying...
I can wait to get felting with this..

Yes another wet and miserable day in Largs.
Everything this week has been drying round the house.

Mohair from Jo in Somerset!

Lovely alpaca...

Kid mohair tops in the hall

More angora in little kitchen paper sandwich drying
in the radiator gap

Some more mohair on the boy's radiator!
The kids and Reuben are quite used to it now.
Just a pain having to empty the bath every morning for shower time!


  1. I think you house must be a riot of beautiful colours Claire.

    B x

  2. Your house must look very colourful with all this Claire, it looks gorgeous!

    Love, Rose xx

  3. Beautiful colour range, you really are so clever you must be so pleased they turned out so well. Love your new design to. hugs Shirleyxxx