Sunday, 8 September 2013

Select Sunday with Sue Welfare and cobweb scarves

This week I am sharing some beautiful delicate
cobweb felt scarves by
Sue Welfare.

Cobweb felt is created with extreamly
fine layers of fibre. 
Sue tells me her scarves weight a mere 25g each

Lovely details and you can see the 
blend of different fibres used.

Sue created these pieces using 
some of our dyed tops.
Below a Merino /silk/ flax mix.

Sue works as a full time novelist 
and you may have come across her books
which are available here.

Sue is also on Facebook.


  1. What gorgeous scarves, so lovely and delicate.

    Glad that Bert is ok :-)

    Rose xx

  2. thank you for sharing xx Your dyed tops and lovely lovely things are incredibly inspirational!