Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hope's Nursery Christmas party!

It was Hope's Nursery Christmas party today!
She was very pleased with herself......
My friend Zoe did the hair.

Mum was also very pleased that she was praised
by staff for saying a big Thank You to Santa...
I was and am a very proud Mum!

I'm not sure where my girly girl came from,
but she loves her dresses....
still insisted on her Peppa Pig socks though!


  1. It looks like Hope enjoyed herself, that's the main thing. Great hair as well!
    Michaela xx

  2. What a beautiful Daughter you have Claire - love the hairstyle and the sparkly party dress. (My youngest Granddaughter is a huge fan of Peppa Pig too)!
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx