Friday, 22 February 2013

Where is the sun hiding?

Today the sun is in hiding, so I have
had to resort to drying inside once again
as its soooooooo cold!

Some lovely Somerset Mohair
that I have been dying today -
just gorgeous fluff!

I do like the vintagey colours
but also had to have some 
real blue and a soft 
turquoise, lilac mix.

Then I need more yarns for my packs.
I love dying yarn!
Especially lovely thick and thin yarn....

Also some gorgeous mohair loop!

And yes Shirley the clean up afterwards is a task and a half.
Especially as we only have a small galley style kitchen to work in
it's a squash and a squeeze.....but at least it makes me clear up quickly afterwards!


  1. Dull and wintry looking here as well Claire and there was me thinking Spring might be almost here last weekend.

    I love all the vibrant colours of your wools, it's so nice that you share your other crafty passions as it's so interesting.

    B x

  2. This is all looking really gorgeous Claire, the colours are lovely, i still haven't got round to using the fibres from you yet but will do, very soon!

    Cold and dull here too, keeps trying to snow but not had any yet!

    Stay warm :-)

    Rose x

  3. They look just beautiful all lined up there, Claire. A work of art in their own right. I love the greens and turquoises.
    Hugs Lisax