Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cotton Scrim...drying on the line

Having a wee change today as I have some dying request.

The first is cotton scrim...great for creative embroidery
and nuno felting.


  1. Psst Claire, speak English!

    lol! Ive NO idea what that was all about but I am loving all of those beuatiful colours!
    It sure looks like you are having heaps of fun!

    Keryn x

    1. Hehe Keryn you are quite right.....what a load of gobbledygook. Cotton scrim is similar to a cheesecloth fabric but with a more open fragile weave. Nuno felting is when you wet felt fibres through a fabric. The wool fibres shrink and because the cotton doesn't it gathers up producing fabulous effects. Not sure that would explain it any better.....will try add some photo examples. Xx

  2. Hi Claire
    Just popping by to say hi after my hols. I can't believe your lovely brood have gone back to school already. They are growing so fast, you must be so proud of them.
    Love all your colourful washing, looks much better than my boring bedding that's drying on the line at the minute!!
    Hope all is good with you.
    Hugs Lisax