Friday, 9 August 2013

Preparing new lock packs for the shop

Since I came back from my holiday I have spent most evenings 
locking takes soooooo long!

But at last ready to start making up new packs for the shop.
Must admit seeing all the locks together is 
pretty wonderful.

These packs are using Wensleydale, bfl
and the lovely Teeswater/ Hebridean X
that I bought at woolfest.

I am working on some really exciting new felting packs as well....
can't wait to share!


  1. These look gorgeous Claire, so bright and colourful, I'll have to look out for them in your shop :-)

    Hope you are all well, I'm still knitting the scarf, the hot weather brought it to a standstill but now it's cooled off I'll get it finished soon!

    Love, Rose xx

  2. Hi Claire, it's so good to be back visiting your fab blog, gorgeous colours! Ruby x