Monday, 13 July 2009

Thanks Saskia!

Thanks so much Saskia!

I feel very privileged to have received this from Saskia. I am a big fan of her work as she creates so many different lovely projects in different mediums - It has been joy to get to know her since I have ventured into Blogland in the past few months - Thanks Saskia!
It never fails to amaze me the lovely people out there within the crafting/designing community- it's a cool place to be........
I have had friends round today and am exhausted (no crafting)- will check tomorrow if I can pass it on!


  1. i can see why she loves your blog - well deserved. i'm off to check hers out. congrats!


  2. Hi Claire - you so deserve this award (and the rest)! Thank you very much for leaving another kind comment on my (2nd) Swirls card - you made me feel so much better! Can't tell you how stupid I felt when I realised what I had done. I don't even like the card that much, but thought that the ladies over at the PB site might be offended at its sudden disappearance, so I reinstated it!!! Lots of love, Sylvia xxxxx