Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Decorating and for Liz - my wheels!

Dusted Damson and Mellow Mocha(I double checked)
I'm sure I've called them everything under the sun....
But thats what is mostly in my hair and up my arms at the mo....

Very comfy purple suite as you can see
the boys find it hard to move.
Hope on the other hand was mid exercises I think.....

My wheels.....

These are particularily for Liz
So you know who to wave at!!!!
It's reasonably subtle but the kids love it(so do I)

As you can see it's raining in Largs today!


  1. beautiful home and simply smashing car! i love it!

  2. O, whoo, Claire love your flower car !!!
    Lovely home , very comfy !!


  3. Great photos Claire, beautiful home love your car and your Kids adorable, hugs
    Sarah xx

  4. oh you have a beautiful home hun,and love the car too its brilliant,gorjus children too hugs cheryl xxxxxx

  5. Claire, please don't send the rain down to Wigan, mind you it is very overcast! Love the car and the decorating real cool. Sorry not been blogging a while but under the weather! Children are so cute and look as if they're really enjoying themselves. Liz xx

  6. Oh Claire, that car of yours is fabulous and so cheerful, you definitely couldnt miss that one. Your lads look as though they are enjoying themselvs on their handheld computers. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  7. Thanks girls had it two years now - only problem is everyone knows who I am because of my car - have to be on my best behaviour at all times!!!!!

  8. Oh I love your car (and your home). I have got a boring and plain green Zafira LOL!

    Sarah x

  9. Such fab colours in your lounge Claire! Dont they look great together, a lovely subtle shade of purple! But your car's not purple though, what happened there??!! Love the flowers though!

    Keryn x

  10. I wish you lived a bit nearer, Claire, you could come and create some decorating magic around here. This is beautiful. Love the colours and love love love the car!!!!


  11. Beautiful decorating.
    Claire, I love your power flower car!
    Hugs, Magda

  12. Te he thanks for that Claire I actually thought it was more phycadelic than that as you say its not too loud I will def be keeping my eyes peeled lol house looks lovely nice lot of open spaces yer was horrid today but we did have a lovely weekend pity you were inside painting ..boy was Largs busy busy always is tho see you soon

    liz xx

  13. Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm...................................................