Friday, 28 December 2012

Hope Jacare Designs now also at Folksy

Decided I should have at least a presence on Folksy.
If you haven't had a wee look round it's well worth a visit.

Folksy is a site that promotes Modern British Craft.

Handmade felt and hand dyed Mulberry bark
two of my favourite things!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

How Lovely.....

Had to share it with you.
My Christmas card from Hope she did all by herself
- I was banished to the studio!

I love the fact it has 7 cheery!
Oooops I've been put right they are actually snowflakes...
should have known really! doh!

How about that for a 5 year old. Xx

More Christmas pressies......

This time a few brooches
using my handmade felt pieces
and hand dyed Merino pre-felt.

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas 
and a great

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas presents for friends....

A few felt Christmas presents for friends
surprise surprise all made using felt.

I really like the combination of wood and felt.

I'm still working on some more...think it
may be another late night!

Monday, 17 December 2012

A bit of playing.....

I've been trying today to put together some photo's that best sum
up my work at the moment with my friends Rita and Vicky.

Rita as I mentioned before helps me pack my inspiration packs
she also makes some lovely hand spun art yarns using bats
that I card from my fibres, you can see them at
the bottom of the platter.

Vicky then hand knitted this fabulous flower below
using some of the hand spun yarn

How beautiful is that knitted flower and the ever so cute ladybird!

Then on the other side are the brighter funky
hand dyed merino pre-felts, batts for felt making
and needle felted flower embellishments.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hey ho it's all felted!

Yesterday mornings lovely fluff carded bats
are now lovely touchy feely
pieces of felt.

Today my friends Rita (a fab hand spinner) and 
Vicky ( wonderful knitter also part time teacher!)
are coming round to help me make up creativity packs.
I pick all the bits and Rita has a flair for laying them out 
in their wee bags - what fun.
Vicky knits away always on hand to help out.
It's really a good excuse for a coffee and chat!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I've mostly been dying bits and pieces! What Fun.....

Fun, Fun, Fun.....

Hand dying Mulberry bark was a big
discovery for me last week....I love it
and think it will work in with both my loves cardmaking
and textiles

Then there's silk laps like a blanket of layers 
of silk fibre....
ooooooo the possibilities!

Have you ever seen a suri alpaca
- the ones with the really long curls...well this is
some of that and let's say if heaven was a fibre
it'd be pretty close.

recycled sari ribbon - every radiator in my house gets 
well used - this is Jacob's room!

Lots of silks...hankies, noils, topps
and a silk/alpaca/linen mix very interesting.....

So this morning I've be carding it all together with
some lovely merino....
So I can make felt this afternoon/evening.
I love it!
Just need to work out a way of avoiding purple hand syndrome
wearing gloves all the time would help!!!!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas cards....multi media.....

I hope the beginning of December is being good to everyone!


Some new pieces of felt with a project in mind!
Merino with Wensleydale, alpaca
Hand dyed Blue faced Leicester locks
and hand dyed silk .

It produces a really lovely light soft felt
with some soap and elbow grease!

Oh so hard at work!

The finished piece which has been printed by my
local printer and friend Scott at Largs Printing company

I haven't been around much as been really surprised
I have to say I think that I was meant to dye fibre,
 make felt and be surrounded by soggy piles of wet wool!
It's the life!!!!!