Tuesday 30 April 2013

Martha's with me today!

Today Martha and I are having some time together!

Oh! To be able to sleep like that.
Just back from the walk to school.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Cushion for Martha

I don't often get a chance to make much these days
but here is a quick cushion for my ever
so gorgeous Niece Martha!

Using hand dyed raw silk ribbons for stems,
Needle felted spots and bright buttons.
Hand dyed pre-felt for leaves and fabric pens.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Dying mohair!

Possibly becoming one of my favourite fibres to dye.
Beautiful Mohair....I love it!
The shine that it gives is glorious and I really
love the yarns and felt 
that have this amazing fibre blended in with them.

Monday 22 April 2013

Today I've been dying yarn....yummy!

So pleased to have managed to get some more 
lovely thick and thin yarn to dye!
Also some rather nice kid mohair and merino mix. 

Sunday 21 April 2013

Interesting and busy week! Lots of ribbons.....some lovely felt.

This week started with stay overnight at Yorkhill Hospital
with Caleb. He is fine but they wanted to try a change
in his medication and keep an eye on him.

It was a couple of long days and a very long night.....
Caleb coped well although he did wake me up several times to ask
if I could go sleep somewhere else!
Apparently I snore - sure I don't know what he means!

Anyway I kept myself busy 
much to the nurses and doctors amusement cutting ribbons.

Caleb was well occupied with an x-box
and loads of great toys on the play room.

Then on Friday I had a lovely afternoon with a lovely
girl called Shauna from Largs Academy.
She was given two felt making classes as a gift at Christmas
and this was the first chance we both had to meet up.

She created two pieces of wet felt 
a rather striking pink piece
and this wonderful purple piece below
with loads of interest from mohair and silk.

Hopefully will be back next week with what Shauna creates with her felt!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Select Sunday...sorry I'm not with it this week!

Mr badger by Jules!
Today I wanted to share some fab minature work by
one of my customers Jules.
How cute is this badger
and you will find him here

I love her little sheep and of course Mr Badger.

But Jules also creates wonderful brooches
such as the dragonfly above
and below

Jules sent me some really wonderful photo's but I
seem to be having technical difficulties today
but hope to share them later.

Anyway hope you love the fabulous work by Jules
and you can find her at Ebay just look for Jules1967trixie

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Oh so happy to be back dying....yep its fun!

Mmmmm today I have been dying with Carol in mind
as I know she has an underwater theme project
on the cards.
Some lovely Wensleydale curls above.

Silk Cocoons, rods and string.

And lastly some fabulous Plant fibres
Bamboo staple and tops, linen & ramie . 

Tuesday 9 April 2013

More Holiday shots and some work or is it play?

We had super fun at Threave gardens
on an Easter Egg hunt...
What about that giant snow egg!

Carting at Cream of Galloway
and Jacob
even managed the Flying Fox!

Wonderful day just spent in the sun around our
holiday home
have a look at their site to see
this wonderful conversion.

Then back home this week and it's back to work
and play for me!
A very exciting project in Caleb's hands.....watch this space.

And my first request for a fabulous felting pack
in Traditional colours! What fun!

Saturday 6 April 2013

We're back - great holiday .....but bah humbug!

Well what can I say!
It was a fabulous holiday.

A really beautiful part of Scotland
with some great buildings.

We were very lucky with the visitors every morning.

As you can see the weather was brilliant!

Back with more photos tomorrow.

But what is going on with Royal mail!!!!!!
Just returned to find my parcel costs have pretty much doubled
and yet they have halved the insurance cover....
first class is only covered to £20 now!
I am feeling quite peeved for my customers.