Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where does the time go when you are in the

Well I have been still making felt for a very exciting project...
the piece above was a bit too hairy for what was needed 
and the piece below I love but not quite what is needed either.

Piece below just right, a lovely
mix of merino, grey shetland and silk.

Dying sari ribbon which is such a great product.
It's made from strips of recycled silk sari's which are then knotted
or stitched together to give continuous lengths.

I just love the vintage colours and effects 
you are able get with
acid dying them.

Dying thick and thin yarns.....
even tried some softer pastel colours here.

I probably love making the creativity packs the most.
Colour co-ordinated little packs of fun.

It's just as good as working in a sweetie shop
with all the fabulous colours.

Been at home all week with the kids as we have all
had a flu like's miserable!
Roll on spring!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Silk laps and Felt packs....

Yesterday I spent dying....oh how I love it!
I was dying lengths of silk laps
great for nuno felters and creative embroidery.

I love the vintagey colours below.
All these new items now at Hope Jacare Designs

Also this morning was spent making up some new felting packs.
Lots of lovely dyed wool, silk and Rita's(my friends) hand spun
yarns - she uses all the fibres I dye.....lovely.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

More Dying !

Some Mulberry bark I have dyed for a customer
it's wonderful ( the stuff they make mulberry paper from)
in its bark form its great for mixed media work
and creative textiles.

Some Tussah silk noils and some Mulberry silk
that I have dyed for my next lot of felt making.....
I can't wait to see how these fibres card up with wool!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013 ! The hamster is safely home...

You will be all glad to hear Grizzly the hamster
is safely back in his house...and happy!

My brother Angus (front centre) and myself (back centre) are not 
fans of having our photo's taken....
But this year we had a family picture done for my
Mum and Dad, and we survived the ordeal!

So it had all the grandchildren in it
along with Reuben and myself
and Angus and Jeni.

Of course Martha is the star - she was great!
Martha is much loved by us all especially Hope.

A special project for the New Year....

Happy New Year Everyone!
have just been chasing a hamster round the dining room
(yes his cage had been left open)
otherwise would be in bed by now....
don't often stay up to see in the bells.

But I thought I'd share some lovely felt I have been making this week.

It's for a very special project and hopefully I will be able to share
what with you soon.
This is a combination of
Merino, Grey Alpaca, Gotland , Kid Mohair curls, silk
and's lovely to the touch!

May 2013 be a great one and
bring everything you wish for!