Saturday, 31 July 2010

Holiday Photo's

Had a wonderful break!
Still no roof - the tile supplier has finally admitted
to not ordering the tiles - ho hum!
But it's also great to be home...
just a few photo's to share!
Promise I'll send some on Mum
I took almost 500....
Resident red squirrels at
 (I've linked and would highly recommend
if you like a complete break and wildlife)
kids also saw their first Woodpecker
Boys first time on Donkeys
Maybie Farm Park
Drumlanrig castle - just befor the flying fox
Hope went on with Reuben
She is fearless.
Slide - thats Caleb on his way down
too scarey!

Who's the biggest kid then?
Bye for now.....


  1. What fantastic photos Claire!

    Jacob has grown so much and his lovely fair hair is great!
    Caleb has the cheekiest grin!! He looks like butter wouldn't melt!
    But then Hope at the lakeside is just a picture perfect image!

    What very beautiful children you have Claire!


    Keryn x

  2. These are gorgeous photos Claire, and it looks like loads of fun was had by all, well, we didn't get to see pictures of you, as I presume you are the one taking all these wonderful pictures!! In my fam, when I get my time in the camera lense, my husband usually lops off half my head or the frame is so blurry, it's not worth another look, lol. What a darling squirrel pic, that slide is pretty scary looking, long and narrow, such lovely kids Claire, they look like they had a great time!!
    Well, I am glad it was fun while it lasted, now back to that roof, eh?
    Hugs, stephanne

  3. Oh what fun photos, it looks like a wonderful break for everyone :D

  4. Lovely photos...
    Sylvie X

  5. Lovely photos Claire, looks like you had a great time, your children are lovely and what a treat it must have been to see red squirrels!

    i hope you get your roof done soon too.

    Love, Rose xx