Saturday, 2 October 2010

OSAAT and words from wise Liz

OSAAT are having a bit of fun today.....pop over and see what fab prizes they have in store and spooky creations from the DT.......

Liz has come up with this ......I'm well impressed Liz!

Witches,brooms,pumpkins & cats,
Werewolf howls,....
Ghosts,Sculls, Dragons... and bats!
Are YOU a Scaredy-cat?
There's Mischief brewing, thats frighteningly delightful,
So here's an Eerie-sistible invitation for you!
Come join with us for a Howling good time
Stay here for a "SPELL as "its near Howl-o-ween!
Grab your weird costumes,we will haunt the streets
Knock on the doors, for our trick and treats
Hope the devil, ghosts and bats we don't meet
Let's just catch up with our fine Web of friends,
Some Batty, Some Catty, some Scary Mary's too,
Some broom-mate's from OSAAT as well!
Card Mad Fairy,Lexi,Jacare, and Donna t'woooooo,
Sylvie,Eiglas, JLJ and the Crafty Pad glitter bunch too
And, forget tonight.. your Coffee Latte Fettish,
And get inside you, some Stitchy Witchy Brew,
Cast a spell on this eeiree night ..just one or two!
Fi fi fo fum.....Tami's tum, and Doodle's bum!
Spider's legs, Rats tails, and Barbra's nails....
Its Beary Beary Be-witching," night
Is it gonna make us Scary?.. or frightingly delightful?
Don't look round at the shady woods,or eiree Trees.....
In this misty moon light night!
Is not a Panda bear, in sight will you see!
Instead Eeeeek Will get spooked with fright !
Mad Tam and Lizzie are roaming the night..
So lock your doors,Turn out your lights
Get up to bed,.......Pull your covers up tight
And don't peek out again till morning light

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