Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Trimcraft - about me!

The Challenge at the moment over on Trimcraft is a project entitled "about me"!

Amongst my doodles I have Roxanne the girl wearing a rock pool....This comes from my first party with my husband Reuben - I went dressed as a rock pool!

Before children I also had a gift shop called Scoskie which is Scots for starfish.

I love the seaside and am very fortunate to live with my family in a beautiful seaside location - so this card is "about me (please note this is very much the inner me and I bear little resemblance to Roxanne)


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I love Roxanne!! The crab is sooo cute!! The starfish...everything fabulous!! Have a GREAT Day, Dawn

  2. Oh yes, another fabulous card!!! I LOVE it!! All the lovely details!!

    Sweet, sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)